Jay-Z and Beyonce’s $40 Million Private Jet

Just like a lot of celebrities in Los Angeles, Jay Z and Beyonce own their own private jet. They own a Bombardier Challenger 850 that is worth more than $40 Million, and primarily use it for family related trips. A lot of the times celebrities use their private jets for personal trips, however, the two use their private jet for trips in bigger sizes since their jet is a luxury family jet.

The jet was gifted from Beyonce to Jay-Z, and ties in nicely with their collection of luxury cars, jewelry, and clothing that they have shown off over the years. Because they travel so much, they bought their own private jet and do not utilize a private jet charter anymore. To date, it is one of the more widely known and notorious private aircrafts that is owned by a celebrity.

The Bombardier Challenger 850 has Jay-Z’s name printed on the aircraft and can seat up to 20 people on the aircraft. It is perfect for a family along with a couple of other guests, like a nanny or an assistant. There are not a lot of pictures of what the aircraft looks like inside, but it is reported that the jet has a couple of bedrooms, a kitchen, and a dining area.

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