Aviation Leaders get together to solve Noise Issues

The aviation industry has gotten some pushback from neighborhoods and people for the noise that aircrafts make when they are in the air. As a result, the aviation community has launched a wide array of initiatives to combat this problem and has continuously work with them to reduce the noise from aircrafts.

Some of the initiatives include flying at higher altitudes and maximizing flight paths over water. Some of the primary locations that are in focus for this change include Orange County (CA), Teterboro (NJ), and Van Nuys (CA). On top of this, there are ongoing developments in technology to improve efficiency and noise while also being environmentally friendly.

Joby Aviation is a company that is known for their developments in constructing an electric aircraft that is used for commercial purposes. Joeben Bevirt, Joby Aviation CEO, provided a statement about these technological developments and noise complaints. “These benefits can only be realized if the industry can design planes quiet enough to blend into their surroundings…While replacing noisy combustion engines with electric motors helps to address the acoustics of vertical flight, achieving truly quiet flight requires careful design considerations throughout the aircraft.”

Pete DeFazio, who sits on the chair for House and Transportation Infrastructure, also provided a statement about these initiatives as well. “[We are doing] everything we can to ensure we reduce and mitigate noise impacts… Aircraft noise has the potential to cause sleep disturbances, contribute to hearing issues, and adversely affect a person’s physical and mental health.”

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