Wheels Up Experience ($UP) Stock Upgraded from “Sell” to “Hold” Rating by Zacks Investment Research


Wheels Up Experience ($UP) reported earnings not too long ago and provided some promising results. Now, a few weeks later, the stock was upgraded to a “hold” rating in a report released by Zacks Investment Research.

Zacks Investment Research wrote in the report, “Wheels Up Experience Inc. is a private aviation company. It offer total private aviation solution which includes on-demand private flights across all cabin categories, membership programs, corporate solutions, aircraft management, whole aircraft sales and commercial travel. Wheels Up Experience Inc., formerly known as Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle Corp., is based in New York.

Other research analysts also provided insight on Wheels Up. BTIG Research, Credit Suisse Group, and Raymond James all reduced their target prices on the stock. Their target price is anywhere from $6.00 and $9.00, and have set an “outperform” rating on the company. There is a consensus price target of $10.06 on Wheels Up as of now, and many have issued a “hold” rating for now.

This past Friday, Wheels Up Experience was sitting around $3.30. The name has seen stock as low as $2.95 and a high of $15.00 in the past fifty two weeks.

Koshniski Asset Management, Private Advisor Group, and Fifth Third Bancorp have bought over a combined 6 figures of stock of Wheels Up. Hedge Funds and other institutional investors own around 34% of the company’s equity as of now.

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