Tiger Woods’ Private Jet Lands in Augusta: Will Play Masters Practice Round

Tiger Woods is scheduled to play a practice round at Augusta National after his private jet was seen to land around the area today. There has been a lot of talk that he could end up making a gradual comeback, and the answer we’ve all been waiting for is here: Tiger is back.

He will slowly make his way to return to the PGA Tour, but he will start off his comeback by enjoying a practice round at Augusta National.

As for his private jet, it makes up a good chunk of his assets that he owns. He has a $54 Million estate in Florida along with a $20 Million Yacht. His private jet is estimated to be worth $63 Million and uses it to travel from tournament to tournament.

Tiger Woods owns a Gulfstream G550 and can host up to 18 passengers. It can travel up to 680 mph and is one of the top ten longest range private jets, with 7767 miles. Tiger Woods is an avid traveler and rides in style; and has no problem showing off his classy $63 Million jet when showing up to his desired location. Augusta got themselves a very early Christmas present seeing Tiger Woods in town alongside his elegant aircraft, to say the least.

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