Bombardier Finishes Production of their Final Learjet

The final Learjet made by Bombardier is headed to Grand Rapids, Michigan to a customer of Northern Jet Management. After 60 years of producing Learjets, the company celebrated it’s last production of their notorious aircraft.

Tonya Sudduth, VP of Learjet Operations, provided a statement about the closure of Learjet. “There’s no doubt that today is an emotional day for many of us as it marks the end of the production era of Learjet…However, the emotion that I’ve seen most prominent in all of my conversations with [employees] over the past several days and months is pride. Pride for being part of this amazing legacy. And pride in making a lasting mark on aviation history.”

After a “challenging market dynamic” and competition from new firms, Bombardier chose to close production of the Learjet. More than 3,000 aircrafts have been delivered ever since the 1960s.

Despite the end of the production, though, they will create and produce parts, supplies, etc. for any Learjet owner that needs them.

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