NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption is Extended

Prior to COVID-19, there used to be rules in regards to cost sharing and penalties for operators of small aircrafts. The exemption, which applied to NBAA members, “allows operators of piston airplanes, small airplanes, and all helicopters to utilize the limited options for cost-reimbursement permitted under Part 91, Subpart F of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).

Subpart F is in place so that operators of smaller aircrafts can have certain cost sharing advantages and also be entitled to economic advantages (i.e., cost reimbursement). These are useful for operators of small aircrafts where they transport a passenger on a company-owned aircraft or transport employees who use the aircraft. Companies like NetJets, for example, have a fractional ownership program in place and if they operate an aircraft over 12,500 lbs and are multi-turbojet powered as well.

The NBAA has an application posted for members who want to use this exemption. Doug Carr, NBAA SVP of safety, security, and sustainability, made a statement on filing for the exemption. “NBAA members who operate small aircraft that weigh 12,500 pounds or less, piston-powered airplanes or rotorcraft must submit a Notice of Joinder to FAA Exemption No. 7897L…And in no way does the NBAA Small Aircraft Exemption authorize any operation that must be conducted under Part 135.”

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