Russia Investigates Cases of Corruption at their Federal Air Transportation Agency

The Russian government launched an investigation into potential high-level corruption cases at their Federal Air Transportation Agency. There are reports of “ghost workers” at the Agency meaning that there were workers who received salaries from them without actually working a single hour.

According to the investigation so far, there are rumors that there were high amounts of payments in salaries to people who never performed work. On top of this, those people who worked their jobs were connected to key Russian technology corporations, which allowed certain people from Russia to capitalize on the gains when they knew if the agency, or other companies, purchased new technology/technological equipment.

Currently, people apart of the Federal Air Transportation Agency are investigating this claim further along with other Russian authorities. There are reports surfacing that he laundered as much as $9 Million while total damages done are approximately in the “billions”. This situation was brought to the attention of their leader Vladimir Putin, who will deal with the situation further.

As of now, there is no official statement from the Agency about the alleged charges.

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