How will Airbus Achieve Net-Zero By 2050?

The European Union wants to achieve climate neutrality within the next 30 years. Airbus shares this mission and targets net-zero aviation in Europe by 2050. At the Airbus Summit in Toulouse this week, Simple Flying heard details about how the manufacturer will reach this goal.

Over the last year, Airbus has made a series of bold announcements in relation to sustainability. The planemaking powerhouse gas four sustainability commitments – decarbonization, product responsibility, a sustainable supply chain, and zero-emission technology. Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is proving to be a focal point across the industry to reduce harmful emissions. All of Airbus’ aircraft are certified to fly with 50% SAF blend. The company is also keen to achieve certification for 100% SAF for its fleet by 2030.

“I think all agree in the industry that SAF is a short-term opportunity and a short-term priority because we already have a fleet that is capable of SAF. It’s all about commitment, investments, and believing in SAF. So, on that one, we agree with all other manufacturers. On hydrogen, there are different beliefs in the speed at which we can make it happen. At Airbus, we decided to take the bull by the horns. We work with hydrogen on other sectors, Airbus, space in particular,” Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury shared at the Airbus Summit.

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