Gulfstream G700’s Delivery Might be Delayed by Six Months

  • Gulfstream is Required to Perform Line-by-line Validation
  • The Postponement of G700 Certification Will Impact the Derivative G800

Photo: © Instagram/Aircraft Finance Corporation

The G700 certification might be delayed by three to six months because of a new FAA requirement, according to Gulfstream Aerospace. For its ultra-long-range aircraft, Gulfstream is required to perform line-by-line validation.

According to Phebe Novakovic, chairman and CEO of General Dynamics, the FAA has inquired Gulfstream to perform a line-by-line validation of the software for the fly-by-wire, ultra-long-range business jet.

Novakovic explained that the postponement of G700 certification will also have an impact on the derivative G800. However, production of other models will be increased to make up for the temporary shortfall if Gulfstream is delayed in obtaining certification.

For the moment, all G700 structural testing has been completed, and the aircraft’s Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines are expected to be certified by the FAA in the coming months.

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