GOP Congressman Looks to Eliminate No-Fly Zones Over Disney Theme Parks

  • Disney Had a No-fly Zone Over Its Theme Parks Since 2003
  • Rep. Nehls: “the Argument of Security is No Longer Valid”

According to Fox News, “Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, is looking to strip Disney of its no-fly-zone privileges over both of its stateside theme parks.”

Disney has had a no-fly zone over its theme parks since 2003 as a “temporary” restriction. The no-fly zone forbids planes from flying over the parks. The company has lobbied to keep the no-fly zones in place, citing safety concerns. However, “the argument of security is no longer valid, as a Disney spokesperson once noted that the zone would prevent aircraft “buzzing” and banners from being flown over,” congressman Nehls argues.

Rep. Nehls is planning to introduce legislation that would eliminate the no-fly zones over Disney’s theme parks. He believes that the no-fly zones are not necessary for safety reasons, and are only being used as a way to prevent unwanted protests or media coverage.

Many people have applauded this move, arguing that it is an important step towards protecting free speech rights. However, some critics have expressed concerns about the potential security risks associated with lifting the no-fly zones.

Regardless of these concerns, it seems likely that the no-fly zones over Disney’s theme parks will eventually be lifted. Whether this happens through legislation or through a ruling by the FAA remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: this issue is sure to generate a lot of debate and discussion in the coming months.

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