Concord Private Jet

  • Family Run Business
  • The Concord Private 25-hour Jet Card

Concord Private Jet was founded in 2008 by Neal Impellizeri together with his wife of 26 years Michelle, and his son A J to be a Family run business. The company is headquartered in Garden City, NY.

Concord Private Jet offers a jet card program, on-demand charter, and empty leg services. Concord’s unique program of giving a Private Jet traveler the ability to fly from “point to point” at a rate that is 35 to 40% less than what Marquis Jet, Flex Jet, and Citation Air are offering their clients. According to Concord Private Jet: “The Concord Private 25-hour Jet Card offers the flexibility of choosing the aircraft size and age class that best meets your unique travel needs.”

Concord Private Jet is dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and security for its clients. The principle of offering the most recent fleet, with the highest level of service at the lowest pricing is at the heart of their business.

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