King Air 350 Intercepted By Fighter Jets!

F-16 of the Royal Danish Air Force

On July 27th, two F-16 fighter jets from the Royal Danish Air Force scrambled intercept a King Air 350. But it is not what you think!

Jonas Vingeaard Steps off his King air upon arrival in Denmark

The King Air tail Number OY-CVW belongs to Jonas Vingeaard, the recent winner of this year’s Tour De France. The reason for the F-16 response? It is a tradition in Denmark for athletes upon winning a major sports event. No one truly knows how this tradition in Denmark started, however these people were super excited to welcome Jonas Vingegaard home for a massive celebration in Copenhagen as cycling continues to grow across Europe.

With the King Air branded out with logos like a NASCAR they were aware how much attention his return home would get!

Thousand celebrate the winner of the 2022 Tour De France

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