Air Culinaire Catering Prices vs. Convenience

  • Pilots flight training on Wheels Up flights
  • Passengers worried about their pilots experience

A new partnership between Delta and Wheels Up will allow pilots in the airline’s Propel College Path Program to log flight hours with the private aviation operator, giving them another path to full-time employment with Delta.

The partnership with Wheels Up is the latest in a series of initiatives Delta has undertaken to help its pilots gain the experience they need to be hired full-time. The airline has also partnered with other airlines, including Endeavor Air and Compass Airlines, to provide mentorship and flight training opportunities.

“This agreement between Delta and Wheels Up provides another avenue for our Propel pilots to gain the flight hours they need to be successful in their careers,” said Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian. “We’re committed to supporting our pilots throughout their training and development, and this partnership is another example of that commitment.”

What does this mean for Wheels Up flyers. Yes, it means there is more pilot availability but it is also making some flyers a little nervous. Flyers are nervous because the pilots may be less experienced flyers and not as educated as fully licensed pilots.

This is something that we will have to leave up to the Wheels Up flyers on whether or not they feel comfortable with this. These Pilots will be spending their time flying on Wheels Up aircrafts to gain the hours that they need to become a pilot for delta.

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