Private Jet Demand Soaring

  • AeroVanti closes $9.75M Series A on the Way to IPO
  • NetJets has Seen a 50% Increase in New Customers

Photo: Springfield News-Leader

According to Fox Business, private jet use is more popular than ever.

Sarasota private jet company AeroVanti closes $9.75M Series A on the way to IPO. The company has seen a surge in demand for private jets since the pandemic began.

AeroVanti is not the only private jet company seeing an increase in demand. NetJets, the world’s largest private jet company, has seen a 50% increase in new customers since the pandemic started.

The reasons for the surge in private jet use are two-fold. First, commercial airlines have been hit hard by the pandemic and many people are avoiding flying on them. Second, remote work has become more popular and people are using private jets to travel to and from meetings or to take vacations.

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