Dogfight in the Skies Over Donbas, Ukraine

  • Dogfight Aerial Engagement
  • Fighter Jet Firing Air-to-Air Missiles
A Ukrainian Air Force Su-27UB dispenses infrared flares. Dmitry Pichugin/Wikimedia Commons

In a video uploaded yesterday by Matthew Luxmoore, The Wall Street Journal’s reporter in Ukraine, we can see footage depicting one of dogfight aerial engagements, including the unusual sight of a modern fighter jet firing air-to-air missiles in actual battle.

Luxmoore’s tweet suggests that a Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 Flanker fighter is seen dispensing infrared flares to fool an infrared-guided air-to-air missile, or AAM, fired by a Russian fighter jet out of frame. What we see in this short video is the Flanker in question firing two of its own AAMs.

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