Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Loses Its Engine Cowl at Seattle Airport

  • Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900
  • Pilots Noted an “Unusual Vibration” on the Left-Hand Side of the Aircraft
Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900ER photographed in April 2016 by Chad Slattery.

According to “On 22 August, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 (registered N293AK) operated domestic flight AS558 between Seattle and San Diego, United States. Just after take-off from Seattle, pilots noted an “unusual vibration” on the left-hand side of the aircraft. They quickly turned around for a landing back in Seattle.”

The cowling, the metal paneling that surrounds the engine, came off from the plane as it touched down, according to Alaska Airlines. The crew on the Boeing 737-900ER discovered an odd vibration on the aircraft’s left side during takeoff. The airline stated that the pilots and flight attendants handled the emergency situation with “tremendous professionalism and care.” The airline said that they were able to rebook the passengers onto a different flight headed for San Diego.

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