Passenger Drone Recon Made the First Flight: Everyone Can Become a Pilot

  • Recon eVTOL
  • Electric Plane Will be Used by Farmers
eVTOL, Recon

The American company Ryse Aerotech has published a video of the first flight of the passenger drone Recon eVTOL. The device is positioned as an ultralight aircraft that farmers will be able to use without a pilot’s license, reports

eVTOL is not intended for use in the city. Engineers expect that the electric plane will be used by farmers who will be able to fly around their lands. By gliding through the sky, they’ll be able to access areas that may otherwise be challenging or far-reaching with relatively more ease.

The battery life of the device is up to 25 minutes, depending on the weight of the pilot and weather conditions. The maximum speed is 58 mph, cruising speed is 40 mph.

Recon is scheduled to be released and sold in 2023.

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