The Four Seasons Private Jet, an Airbus A321neo, Will Take Customers to Destinations Across the World

  • Four Seasons Private Jet Experience Itineraries
  • Itineraries Start at $135,000
Photo: Four Seasons

In 2024, Four Seasons will launch its new Private Jet Experience itineraries, bringing the company’s luxury hospitality services to the skies. Although sky-high, starting at $135,000, travelers can’t get enough of these flying Four Seasons hotels. Passengers will be able to enjoy premium flight services and once-in-a-lifetime experiences from take-off to landing throughout their journey.

Private Jet Experience itineraries include a trip “African Wonders” around Africa from Athens to Johannesburg, a “Timeless Encounters” itinerary from Oahu to London with stops in French Polynesia, Australia, Asia, and Europe, a “World of Adventures” around the world itinerary from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with stops in Seychelles, Rwanda, and Bogota. Soon, Four Seasons will announce more upcoming flights, one of which is a new around-the-world flight.

The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience is a testament to our commitment to innovation and the creative pursuit of the extraordinary. We continue to reimagine the conventional limits of travel to deliver exceptional luxury experiences that are unmatched,” says Christian Clerc President of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

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