Harrison Ford, a Climate Change Activist, is a Frequent Flier on Private Jets

  • Ford’s Private Jet Generated 35 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide in Less Than 2 Months
  • Cessna Citation Sovereign
Photo Credit: Ian Gavan

According to data from ADS-B Exchange and Celebrity Jets, Harrison Ford‘s private jet, a multimillion-dollar Cessna Citation Sovereign, has made at least eight trips of roughly 5,284 miles each and generated about 35 metric tons of carbon dioxide in less than two months.

However, Ford has made frequent appearances at global climate conferences, urging individuals and government officials to join efforts to decrease emissions and prevent global warming.

This doesn’t make him a hypocrite, says his publicist. “Harrison is committed to fighting climate change and he believes that we all have to do our part,” the publicist said. “He offset the emissions from his travel last year and is continuing to do so.”

But critics say that flying private jets is one of the most carbon-intensive activities a person can do and that someone like Ford, who is so concerned about the environment, should be setting a better example.

“If Harrison Ford is serious about combating climate change, he should start by setting an example and stop flying his private jet,” said Greenpeace spokesperson Cassady Craighill.

So far, Ford has not responded to the criticism. But his publicist says that he is continuing to offset the emissions from his travel and is committed to fighting climate change.

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