The World’s Biggest Airliner – the Triple-Decker SKY WHALE that Could Carry 755 Passengers, is Bigger than a Boeing 747

  • Sky Whale Concept
  • The Future of Green Aircraft Designs
Photo Credit: OSCAR VINALS

The Sky Whale concept was designed by Spanish designer Oscar Vinals, and he has received a lot of interest in the plane since first unveiling it eight years ago. A model of his design was showcased recently at the exhibition on future transport at the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait.

The sky whale, claims to be the future of green aircraft designs, according to, could help make the more ecologically friendly flight by lowering fuel usage, reducing oxides of nitrogen emissions from the engine, and reducing noise.

It would be one of the world’s largest passenger aircraft, which would edge out the Airbus A380-800 and the Boeing 747, coming in at about 263 feet long. The plane would be powered by four massive electric hybrid engines, two placed in the wings and two more located in the tail. Solar panels would be placed across the aircraft to help power the hybrid engines and other plane systems.

It all sounds like a fantastic invention – yet no one has committed to building and testing one of Oscar’s enormous machines. However, Oscar hopes that as the technologies develop, his design will be picked up and one day taken to the skies.

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