Airplane Laser Strikes

  • The Federal Aviation Administration
  • 5,061 Reports of Laser Strikes As of July 31, 2022
Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images / Getty Images

Lasers being pointed at airplanes is a bigger problem than The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) realizes, according to a new report. The FAA should improve efforts to prevent instances of people intentionally pointing lasers at planes, according to a government watchdog.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s August report, the number of incidents reported to the FAA last year reached a record high. In 2021, there were 9,723 incidents reported – 41% more than the 6,852 incidents reported in 2020.

The Federal Aviation Administration has already received reports of 5,061 laser strikes that were intentionally intended to damage aircraft as of July 31, 2022. This not only puts flight safety at risk but is also a felony under federal law.

The FAA said on its website: “Intentionally aiming lasers at aircraft poses a safety threat to pilots and violates federal law. Many high-powered lasers can incapacitate pilots flying aircraft that may be carrying hundreds of passengers.”

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