Jet Edges New Marketing Campaign

Jet Edge, the charter operator out of California is now advertising in a new way; but may also be seen as advertising the old way.  Jed Edge has just bought a billboard advertising their Gulfstreams for a routing of California to Hawaii for $54.9k

The Jet Edge billboard is two sided and located on the corner of Sherman Way and Valjean Avenue.  Jet Edge chose this location for their billboard as it can be seen by all types of private flyers that are going to or leaving Van Nuys Airport.

The Van Nuys Airport outside of Los Angeles is the fourth busiest private jet airport in the country in 2022.  This makes for a large population of private flyers who may be able to lay their eyes on the new Jet Edge Billboard.

Not everyone is thrilled by the new billboard as it advertises the expense at which it costs to fly private with Jet Edge.  Everyday people who cannot afford to pay that high of pricing for a flight feel as if the billboard is judging them and looking down on them in a negative way.

Although Jet Edge may not have meant for or expected the negative responses from a few individuals.  They still believe that it is a great spot for a billboard to display their pricing for a trip from California to Hawaii.

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