Private Jets Could Soon be Taxed in France as the Government Tries to Fight Climate Change

  • 7,000 Private Jets in France
  • The Tax Could be Introduced as Early as Next Year

Private jets could soon be taxed in France as the government tries to fight climate change.

The French Transport Minister Clement Beaune said he might enforce a tax on private jets or come up with other means to get companies and wealthy individuals to cut back their flying.

The tax would be based on how much carbon dioxide the plane emits, and it is expected to raise millions of euros for the government.

There are an estimated 7,000 private jets in France, and they are often used by politicians and business leaders for long-distance travel.

Beaune said the tax could be introduced as early as next year.

The French government is under pressure to take action on climate change, and it has pledged to reduce its emissions by 40% by 2030.

Private jets are a small but significant contributor to carbon emissions, and Beaune said the tax would send a message that “flying needs to be restricted.”

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