The U.S. Coast Guard departed West Palm Beach to Help with Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts

  • The United States Coast Guard
  • Hurricane Ian
The U.S. Coast Guard

Hurricane Ian, a large and devastating Category 4 hurricane, caused significant damage across the West Coast of Florida. The United States Coast Guard dispatched a team of responders from its base in West Palm Beach, Florida to provide assistance. The team provided much-needed supplies and helped to evacuate residents who were in danger.

The storm caused widespread damage across the state, with winds reaching up to 150 mph. Many buildings were damaged or destroyed, and power was knocked out to millions of people. Flooding was also a major problem, with storm surge reaching up to 11 feet in some areas.

The Coast Guard worked tirelessly to provide assistance to those in need, and their efforts were greatly appreciated by the community. Thanks to their hard work, many lives were saved and much property damage was prevented.

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