Elvis Presley’s Private Jet is Up for Auction

  • Elvis Presley’s Private Jet
  • Lockheed Jetstar

One of Elvis Presley‘s private planes is scheduled to arrive at the Mecum Kissimmee auction on January 4. However, it requires a lot of restoration work.

In 1976, Elvis bought the Lockheed Jetstar for $840,000. It was a luxurious plane for its time with wood paneling, red velvet seats, and carpet.

After Elvis Presley sold the plane in 1977, it has had many different owners. It was once located in Saudi Arabia before moving to Roswell, New Mexico. The plane is not in a condition to fly.

It requires a substantial amount of restoration work. The fuselage has a large hole, the windows appear to be held in place with duct tape, the tail wing is missing a chunk, and bits are missing from the wings. Additionally, its twin Pratt & Whitney engines were removed as well as some of its cockpit gauges.

The plane was listed for an estimated $1.8 million to $2.4 million at the Mecum Kissimmee auction. It will offer bidders a glimpse into Elvis Presley’s luxurious past and could be restored to its former glory as a reminder of “The King” of Rock and Roll. Regardless of its current condition, the plane will likely be purchased by an Elvis Presley fan. Avid collectors around the world are sure to vie for the chance to own a piece of Elvis Presley’s history.

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