Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Took Separate Private Jets To The Same Location

  • Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott
  • Privacy and Safety While Traveling

Kylie and Travis each chose to take their own individual private jets for a recent journey, though they departed from and landed at the same locations.

On December 3rd, Kylie‘s jet was tracked leaving Miami and heading to Van Nuys, California. Soon after, Travis‘ plane followed the same route.

The detrimental environmental impact of each voyage was exacerbated by the exorbitant burning of 15,000 pounds worth of jet fuel and a shocking emission rate equivalent to 25 tons of carbon dioxide.

Despite the obvious wastefulness of their double-dip flight, a source close to Kylie and Travis stated that their decision was based on ensuring “privacy and safety while traveling.”

Kylie Jenner has yet to make any public statement regarding this issue but given her involvement in several charitable projects, it’s likely that she’ll soon address the environmental implications of her travel.

For now, many fans have expressed disappointment in this wasteful decision and are hopeful that Kylie and Travis can find better ways to maintain their privacy while still being mindful of the environment.  

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