Orlando International Airport Running Out Of Jet Fuel

  • Critical Fuel Shortage at Orlando International Airport
  • Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM)
Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is facing a critical fuel shortage, with its stockpiles of jet fuel running perilously low. This alarming situation has prompted officials to take urgent and necessary measures in order to avoid further disruption of service.

Alerted by @xJonNYC, Orlando International Airport is heading towards a fuel crisis and it’s only getting worse. According to the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM), Orlando International Airport will be without any fuel starting Sunday night until Tuesday morning.

Unfavorable weather conditions along the Gulf Coast have caused a shortage of reserves being shipped to Florida, resulting in this issue. Orlando International Airport posted on their Twitter account: “Ops Update: Weather issues along the Gulf Coast had prevented reserve supply delivery of jet fuel at MCO. The weather has lifted and ships have departed. If flight disruptions occur, airline contingency plans are currently in place. Thank you for your patience.”

If the jet fuel shortage continues, airlines are expected to experience significant delays while departing and arriving at Orlando International Airport.

In an effort to alleviate the problem, energy companies such as Colonial Pipeline and Kinder Morgan have already stepped in to help supply the airport with additional fuel shipments. To ensure that operations can continue without interruption, airlines flying out of Orlando International Airport will be required to restrict their use of jet fuel until the shortage can be resolved.

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