Airlines Delay, Cancel Flights Due to Major Storm

  • Major Winter Storm Created Chaos and Cancellations at Airports
  • 23,439 Delays and 7,461 Cancellations
Photo: Getty Images

Travelers across the United States were affected by a major winter storm that created chaos and cancellations at airports on one of the busiest travel days of the year. Airlines canceled thousands of flights as they scrambled to manage the disruption caused by heavy snow, extremely cold temperatures, and icy conditions in several parts of the country.

Airlines like Delta, United Airlines, American Airlines, and Southwest proactively took measures in the days leading up to the storm by canceling flights ahead of time. This gave passengers advance notice so they could make alternative travel arrangements. The winter storm hit just as millions of travelers were gearing up for the Christmas holiday weekend.

Fox News reported that the storm caused 23,439 delays and 7,461 cancellations. Most of the flight cancellations impacted the Northeast region, yet other areas such as Chicago’s O’Hare airport were also affected. The bad weather also led to thousands of travelers stranded at airports across the country, with some waiting for hours for their flights to take off.

Due to the severe weather conditions, some passengers were forced to spend the night in airports or even inside planes waiting for takeoff clearance. The storm caused major disruptions and delays but airlines are doing their best to get travelers back on track with minimal delay. Airlines have also been offering travel vouchers and refunds as an apology to travelers affected by the storm. It is important for travelers to be prepared and check their flight status before leaving home in order to avoid being stranded at the airport due to a canceled or delayed flight.

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