A Private Aircraft Skidded Into a Snowbank at the Jackson Hole Airport

  • Jackson Hole Airport
  • Gulfstream G200

This morning, Dec. 27, a private G200 jet quickly veered off course and slid into a snowbank at 10:45 am upon its arrival at the Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming.

The airplane failed to make the turn towards the southerly taxiway exit, crashing into a neighboring snowbank. Jim Elwood, Executive Director of Jackson Hole Airport, affirmed this statement in an interview with Buckrail.

Elwood revealed that for safety reasons, the runway had to be shut down for approximately one hour due to this incident. Machinery and manual shoveling were used by ground crews in order to clear away snow around the aircraft. Once done, straps were attached to its landing gear so they could pull it out of there and back onto a solid surface again.

Elwood reported that, in addition to the weather-related delays already ongoing, there were further setbacks caused by the incident. Fortunately for all those involved, no injuries resulted from this event and inspections detected no damage done to the nine-seat G200 jetliner.

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