Close Call at Boston’s Logan Airport: JetBlue Plane and Learjet Narrowly Avoid Collision

  • Learjet Took off Without Permission While JetBlue was Preparing to Land
  • JetBlue Pilot Took Evasive Action, Avoiding a Collision
Photo: Getty Images

On Monday night, two planes narrowly avoided a collision at Boston’s Logan Airport. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a JetBlue flight from Nashville had to take evasive action after a Learjet took off without permission. The FAA is investigating the incident to determine how close the planes came to each other.

The FAA stated that the pilot of the Learjet 60 began to take off without clearance, while the JetBlue flight was preparing to land on an intersecting runway. An air traffic controller instructed the Learjet pilot to “line up and wait” on the runway, but the pilot began the take-off roll instead. The JetBlue pilot initiated a climb-out as the Learjet crossed the intersection, narrowly avoiding a collision.

The Learjet plane was being operated by private charter company Hop-a-Jet. The incident has raised concerns about safety incidents involving US planes. The FAA has not released any information about potential sanctions or consequences for the pilots involved.

A spokesperson for JetBlue told US media that the pilot had performed a “go-around”, which is a common manoeuvre triggered when a normal landing cannot proceed. The JetBlue flight landed 14 minutes late, according to flight tracking website FlightAware.

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