Chris Tucker’s Dedication to Meeting Michael Jackson: Turning a Private Jet Around”

  • Tucker shared that he once had a private jet turn around from LA to New York to meet Michael Jackson
  • Tucker stars in the new film “Air”

Chris Tucker, the well-known comedian and actor, has recently revealed an interesting story about his close friendship with the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Tucker recalled a time when he was so eager to meet Jackson that he had a private jet turn around from Los Angeles and fly back to New York just to meet him.

According to Tucker, he had been waiting in New York for two days to meet Jackson but had not heard from him. So, he decided to return to Los Angeles, thinking that the meeting was not going to happen. However, as soon as he landed in LA, he received a message from Jackson saying that he wanted to meet him the next morning in New York. Tucker immediately went up to the captain of the plane and offered to pay whatever it took to fly him back to New York.

Tucker went on to reveal that he and Jackson became close friends and that the pop star even encouraged him to take on more work in Hollywood.

Tucker’s latest project, the film “Air,” is produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon‘s new production company, Artists Equity. The movie features Chris Tucker in a leading role and centers on the impact Michael Jordan had on Nike during the 1980s.

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