Commercial Aviation is Melting Down While Private Jet Travel is Booming

  • Frontier Airlines Eliminates a Customer Service Phone Line
  • Private Jet Companies Have Seen a Surge in Demand

In the past couple years, commercial aviation has taken a hit due to mass cancellations, long delays, staff shortages and unruly passenger behavior. Even more disruptions are expected during this holiday season.

Customers who need flight information or want to make changes to travel plans can no longer call Frontier Airlines and speak to an agent, CNN reports.

Last week, Frontier Airlines announced that it would only be communicating with customers via digital channels. This means that anyone seeking help or information from the carrier will have to use an online chatbot, social media channels or WhatsApp.

Passengers report better customer service when flying private compared to commercial airlines. Most notably, private jet customers often receive tailored services such as dedicated concierge representatives and experienced pilots who are committed to a personalized experience.

Private jet companies have seen a surge in demand as individuals and businesses seek alternatives to crowded airports, security lines, cancellations and long delays.

Private flying is now more accessible, with charter operators offering empty leg flights for discounted prices — sometimes as high as 75% off regular fares. Additionally, some companies are now offering subscription services so customers can fly private at a fraction of the cost.

It’s clear that the rise of private jet travel is a result of increased safety measures, reduced wait times and greater convenience when compared to commercial air travel. Many travelers are now turning to private flying as an alternative to traditional airlines. For those customers who can afford it, there’s no better way to travel.

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