How is Brexit impacting the UK Aviation Industry?

The UK is experiencing a skills shortage in the aviation industry and has only grown worse ever since the country’s break-up with the European Union.

Chief Executive of British Business and General Aviation Marc Bailey provided a statement about the situation. “Without doubt, there has been an impact because positions have hardened [between the UK and the EU],” Bailey commented. “We expected to see bilateral agreements [on immigration and recognition of qualifications] coming to fruition in a couple of years, and it’s not at the UK Civil Aviation Authority and EASA, but at a political level there is not a will to have them, so progress on agreements has been weaker than a lot of us would have hoped.”

The UK remains at constant battle with the European Union ever since they made it clear of their intentions to leave back in January 2020. There are disagreements on cross-border trade between Ireland and the UK, and has not gotten resolved just yet. As a result, there is a shortage of workers and shortage of skills, and there hasn’t been any large-scale investment in making the situation any better.

What would be the solution? Create a talented, knowledgeable, and competitive pool of employees, by investing more in training and education for those interested in getting into the aviation industry. The hope is that this will create more employment opportunities and retain more employees, thereby fixing the situation.

Once-bankrupt Helicopter Company will Reopen in April

Enstrom Helicopter was just recently brought back to life out of bankruptcy as the owners of Midlothian and MidTex has made an investment to purchase all the assets of the company. This helicopter company will reopen in April, and will be back in business at that point.

After 64 years on operation, Enstrom had to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy not too long ago and had to liquidate all of it’s assets. Those who were involved in the acquisition expect to operate the company through a brand new entity, which will be known as Enstrom Aerospace Industries.

Ken Griffin, who is the President of MidTex, made a statement on the acquisition. “We are extremely excited about acquiring these assets, restarting the former Enstrom facility, and expanding the scope of the business…We already have a number of former Enstrom employees working with us on a contract basis. After closing, we expect to make job offers to a substantial number of former Enstrom employees.”

The company will prioritize providing product support to it’s clients and continue to work on a crash-resistant fuel system. One employee said their progress towards manufacturing these systems were “80% there”. These fuel systems became mandatory in 2020, so they should be in fairly large demand.

MidTex will acquire all of the parts, tooling, supplies, materials, etc. of Enstrom. “We’ll be going after all our markets pretty hard” said Griffin.

Where is the #1 Boeing 747 Airline from this past decade?

FILE PHOTO: A British Airways plane taxis past tail fins of parked aircraft near Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London, Britain, March 14, 2020. REUTERS/Simon Dawson/File Photo

Boeing is one of the most renowned aircraft suppliers in the entire world. However, is there one certain airline that flies Boeing 747s more than any other?

The answer to that question is yes. Coming in at number one for being one of Boeing’s finest customers of an airline is British Airways.

The airline has become fairly popular in the skies, and operates the 747 for over half of a century. British Airways has always had a true liking for this aircraft, and has always operated all of their supply of 747s at all times.

This past decade, they flew their supply of 747s over 225,000 times. The airline operated services to the UK over 100,000 times more than Korean Air, who is a top holder of Boeing 747s themselves.

The top destination that brought in the most 747s is New York, NY. Prior to COVID, this was the most profitable route and saw over 19,000 services this past decade. For reference, the second most profitable route was Miami where they had around 7,000 this past decade.

Elton John’s private Jet forced to make an Emergency Landing

Elton John’s private jet was forced to make an emergency landing after the plane underwent a mechanical failure 10,000 feet in the air.

After the plane had already landed twice after the winds had reached over 80mph already. After that, the aircraft suffered a “hydraulic failure” and was forced to make an emergency landing.

Emergency personnel such as the ambulances and police, were alerted when the plane was undergoing a failure. A witness made a comment about the aircraft mid-air. “The jet was being buffeted and couldn’t land. It was horrible to see.”

Apparently the weather was so bad that it made it nearly “impossible” to make a landing. After 2 attempts to make a successful landing, it tried to do it again and it almost became a disaster.

The witness added, “The plane was descending and was halfway along the runway when it gave up trying to hit the tarmac. It soared back in the air.”

It took nearly 3 times before the plane was able to land successfully because the weather conditions were that bad. Elton John was due to perform at the Madison Square Garden in NYC, which is the suspected location of where he was going.

Denver Broncos’ newest QB Russell Wilson and his Gulfstream GIV

After the Denver Broncos acquired Russell Wilson via trade, he had no problem showing the state his Gulfstream GIV.

After they landed, his private jet stuck out to much of the audience there. Fans were absolutely taken aback from the luxurious, world renowned Gulfstream GIV that Russell Wilson owns. No one had any idea that he owned this private jet.

Wilson owns a Gulfstream GIV from 2000, and the private jet is registered via his LLC just last year. It accommodates anywhere from 10-15 passengers, and costs around $1 Million – $2 Million just to operate. Depending on fuel prices, his usage of the aircraft, and crew worker’s availability, the costs could be more or less.

No one had any clue just how valuable Russell Wilson truly was until aviation fanatics and NFL fans glanced at his blacked out, Gulfstream GIV. Riding in style for the Denver Broncos‘ newest QB is an understatement, and made quite the impression as soon as he landed.

What is going on with all this Private M&A Activity?

Not too long ago, Vista Global Holding acquired leading Euopean private jet charter Air Hamburg. This move came right after competitor Wheels Up bought out U.S light jet charter Air Partner.

There is a lot of competition going on in the industry with lots of hope that demand will increase as well. According to new research from Private Jet Card Comparisons, more than 90% of the servants say they expect to fly the same or more as last year. 44% of those servants said they have experienced a delay or service issue, and 43% said that they are looking into alternative programs.

With this in mind, the “top dogs” are acquiring more and more companies in the hopes that their customers will not go anywhere else. Along with that, since a vast majority of customers think they will fly the same amount or more, this is an opportune time to start making timely investments. With companies being required to hold more in cash in their cash reserves as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of businesses are looking to delve deep into the M&A world.

Although Vista Global Holding is the most global aviation company in the world, Wheels up and NetJets are all going after the market share across the globe. As a result of needing to make investments in order to achieve this goal, along with heightened demand, M&A activity has been elevated for quite some time.

Shaun White heads to Costa Rica in Private Jet

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 28: Shaun White gets fitted in Polo Ralph Lauren ahead of Beijing 2022 on January 28, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for USOPC)

Snowboarding legend and 3 time gold medalist Shaun White and Nina Dobrev took off to Costa Rica after his retirement party.

Shaun White, who is 35 years old, is stepping away from competitive snowboarding. He was found wearing a Lion King T-shirt that said, “Hakuna Matata” and drinking a beer near the poolside. He later posted this picture to instagram that was captioned, “It means no worries …. 🦁 #retired.”

After his retirement party, the two took off to Costa Rica in a private jet with his girlfriend Nina. There is no sign as to Shaun White owning the jet or not, but it is presumed that he had charter arrangements set up to take him to Costa Rica. After all of his time competitively snowboarding, he now gets to take flight in his own leisurely manner.

Alaska Airlines Delays Landing after 10 Year Old Poses Hijacking Threat via Apple Airdrop

A flight inbound to Orlando was delayed after a 10 year old pranked the entire aircraft into thinking that he would hijack an Alaskan Airlines plane. There are no formal charges being pressed against the child, as he will not face any sort of punishment from local authorities for the stunt.

The child airdropped a message to an unnamed passenger when the aircraft was about to land via Apple Airdrop. The message was aiming to provide the notion that the plane would be hijacked prior to landing, and that a possible bomb threat was near.

As soon as the unnamed passenger received that message via Airdrop, they reported it to a nearby crew member. This member provided the following statement about the situation. “We’re taxiing in and all of a sudden the plane gets interrupted with a peculiar notice that we’re going to park on an active runway for a moment. After that, they said there was a threat to the plane and that we are not going to be approaching any terminal for any time soon.”

Soon after, local authorities rushed over to the airport to clear the air. They then discovered that there was no credible threat and that it was all a prank. Since the minimum age for federal aviation crimes is 11 years old, no charges were filed.

Aaron Rodgets and Shailene Woodley Spotted together on Private Jet

Just recently after a break-up, Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley were spotted in Florida on a vacation. There were rumors circling that they were together once again, but no one was 100% certain if they were true or not.

Just around the area of Palm Beach, Florida the two were spotted leaving a private jet. They were on the same plane together and were reportedly seen leaving holding hands. They stayed in Florida for about 5 hours, and departed on the same airplane.

There is no information on if Rodgers owns the jet or not, but, there were talks of him having close ties with a private jet charter.

The two were also spotted at David Bakhtiari’s wedding in Santa Barbara, California as well. There were reports of them being “friendly”, but it might seem more than just that.

Wheels Up Records Best Revenues for 2021 4th Quarter

Wheels Up Experience ($UP) announced its earnings for the fourth quarter of the date ending December 31, 2021 just yesterday.

Fueled by strong demand, continual member and flight leg growth and prepaid block sales increase, they were able to record it’s best revenues for 2021. They beat analyst’s expectations expectations by a fairly considerable margin, and posted results that showed signs of the aviation industry rebounding.

Their revenues increased 64% YOY, increased their memberships by 31%, increased their live flight legs by 63%, and decreased their net loss by $42 Million. These are promising results, and are telling in the private aviation industry making a full 360 recovery.

Kenny Dichter, Wheels Up Chairman and CEO, provided a statement on the results. “I am pleased to report another quarter of record revenue, strong membership growth and retention, along with the best quarter in our history for prepaid block sales, which grew more than 80% to $540 million in the fourth quarter. We have more members that are increasingly making long-term commitments to Wheels Up, giving us clear revenue visibility for the year ahead and the confidence to invest in our growth while absorbing short-term margin pressures. Additionally, we have several key initiatives underway to improve our profitability as we aggressively expand our global supply. As always, I am grateful to our employees for their dedication and to our members and customers for their loyalty and trust.”

Their strategic objectives have shifted a bit, with them putting technological developments at the forefront and doing their best to optimize long-term profitability. Since then, they have acquired a private jet charter in Europe, developed a global scheduling system, and will be rolling out a Wheels Up Mobile App.